Re: [htdig] Problem calling external programs

Torsten Neuer (
Tue, 13 Jul 1999 08:46:08 +0200

According to Heid Joern:
>I'm sorry because I posted this message before.
>Sadly, no one gives me an answer but there was a reply which doesn't try to
>answer my question.
>So I think it is possible that people how could help me thought that it has
>been answered with that reply.
>If no one could or will answer me the I apologize for this mail.
>There's the mail again:
>I have ported ht://dig to Win NT and it works well so far.
>Even the directive
>database_dir: /tmp/htdig/db123456
>I have successfully run the line
> test.pdf
>But after adding
>external_parsers: application/msword /tmp/htdig/bin/ \
> application/postscript /tmp/htdig/bin/ \
> application/pdf /tmp/htdig/bin/
>the output of htdig is
>1:2:0: /tmp/htdig/bin/
>not found
>I tried with c:/tmp... and with \\ instead of / with no success.
>Does anybody know what to change so that external programs will work on Win
>NT (perhaps changing some c++ code of htdig?).

Well.. first of all: if Perl installed on that NT machine?

If it is, try to wrap the script up with an NT batch file that
calls it via the perl compreter. I'm not too sure, but AFAIK
you cannot bind *.pl to a program on the command line on NT
and since the program might not be run via /bin/sh (which is
also non-standard on NT), the first line in *.pl denoting the
location of the exec handler is not handled as well.
Instead NT probably tries to exec *.pl directly, i.e. calling
it as *.pl.exe etc.

Maybe you can also work around by patching htdig to force exec
of anything via /bin/sh if installed on NT.


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