[htdig] Problem calling external programs

Heid Joern (heid@integraliscentaur.de)
Tue, 13 Jul 1999 00:02:22 +0200

I'm sorry because I posted this message before.
Sadly, no one gives me an answer but there was a reply which doesn't try to
answer my question.
So I think it is possible that people how could help me thought that it has
been answered with that reply.
If no one could or will answer me the I apologize for this mail.

There's the mail again:
I have ported ht://dig to Win NT and it works well so far.
Even the directive

database_dir: /tmp/htdig/db123456


I have successfully run the line
parse_doc.pl test.pdf

But after adding

external_parsers: application/msword /tmp/htdig/bin/parse_doc.pl \
                  application/postscript /tmp/htdig/bin/parse_doc.pl \
                  application/pdf /tmp/htdig/bin/parse_doc.pl

the output of htdig is
1:2:0:http://www.integraliscentaur.de/test.pdf: /tmp/htdig/bin/parse_doc.pl:

not found

I tried with c:/tmp... and with \\ instead of / with no success.

Does anybody know what to change so that external programs will work on Win
NT (perhaps changing some c++ code of htdig?).

Thanks in advance,

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