[htdig] Search with special characters

Ronald Niederhagen (ronald@synopsys.com)
Mon, 12 Jul 1999 13:15:01 +0200

Hi everybody,

I am using ht://Dig 3.1.0b2 since about one week. This is the version
that comes with SUSE Linux 6.1.
It works just great out of the box without major changes!!!

There is one small issue that I could not resolve:
When I search for a word like "log-file" where the word has a "-"
then the tool actually looks for "logfile".
Both htdig and htsearch seem to strip off the "-" and consequently
indexing and search are consistent.
However, the string "logfile" does not appear in the actual text, and
therefore I get the message
"(None of the search words were found in the top of this document.)"
although there was a hit in the particular document and the
string "log-file" was in the first few lines of the document.

Is there a way to configure that behavior?
Ideally I would like ht://Dig not to skip characters such as -_.
because searching for a version number also becomes a problem when
these characters are simply ignored.
I have tried extra_word_characters but my version of ht://Dig seems to
ignore that.

Thanks for the help!

Ronald Niederhagen
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