[htdig] It didn't work correctly

KIM IL HWAN (ihkim93@venus.uos.ac.kr)
Mon, 12 Jul 1999 16:00:37 +0900


I extracted, and installed htdig3.1.2.
(I didn't edit htdig.conf file)

I ran the command, htdig, htmerge, htfuzzy below order.
    $ htdig
    - created db.docdb and db.wordlist files
    $ htmerge
    - created db.docs.index and db.words.db files
     $ htfuzzy endings
    - created root2word.db and word2root.db files in /common
     $ htfuzzy synonyms
    - created synonyms.db file in /common

But, though I entered any word in search-form, the result was same,
Directly run the command, htsearch, the result is same the below

    $ htsearch -v
     Enter value for words: htdig
    tempWords: 'htdig:0 '
    Boolean: 'htdig:0 '
    initial: ''
    Fuzzy on: htdig
    searchWords: 'htdig:0 '
    LogicalWords: htdig
    Pattern: htdig
   - nomatch.html -

I don't know what I mistake
Please tell me why not work correctly.

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