[htdig] Installing htdig on WinNT

Heid Joern (heid@integraliscentaur.de)
Sat, 10 Jul 1999 17:20:11 +0200


It's quite easy as long as you have dwnloaded CygWin (www.cygwin.com?).
I had to create c:\usr\bin and had to put some exe files (e.g. sh.exe) into
it (they are located in the installation dir of cygwin) but after that
./configure works fine. And he also finds the configration files although I
have problems with external parsers (see mailing list).
Oh yes, I had to modify the makefile in the install section as it could not
find the htdig and so on. I renamed the program (after running make) to
htdig.exe and run make install again. That was it.
I copied the htsearch.exe to my apache cgi-bin and found out that you have
to copy the cygwin1.dll to that directory in order to run exe files created
by cygwin.
Well, that's all and I think it's not so much work as you don't have to
alter the sources.

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