[htdig] Problem with PDF-Parser

Heid Joern (heid@integraliscentaur.de)
Fri, 9 Jul 1999 16:24:34 +0200

I installed ht://dig and xpdf on Win NT.
ht://dig runs well and 'pdftops test.pdf test.ps' works as well.

So I added the line

pdf_parser: /tmp/htdig/bin/pdftops.exe

to the htdig.conf and got
1:2:0:http://www.test.de/test.pdf: PDF::parse: error running pdf_pa
rser on http://www.test.de/test.pdf

No verbose level gives me more input.
I also tried to use c:/temp... and c:\\temp... but all went wrong.

Any idea?


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