Re: [htdig] Htdig search problem

Nathaniel Irons (
Mon, 5 Jul 1999 12:21:56 -0700

On 7/5/99 at 10:45 AM, (Gilles Detillieux)

> Not that I'm trying to choose sides or anything, but regardless of
> which systems support Flash, and how widespread a standard it may be
> (or become), I think Dave's original request has merit. If Flash
> files contain indexable text and/or followable hrefs, and they're
> stored on an Internet/intranet HTTP server, then I think it makes a
> lot of sense to build an external parser to allow indexing them.

The format is open. They take pains to avoid identifying Flash as open
source, but the format is described on the web, and the source for the
player is apparently available at no cost -- a quick perusal of the site
didn't turn up the exact terms, however.

I started looking at flash as a potentially legitimate widget when it
was folded into quicktime 4 on mac os and win32. I was never interested
in it as a browser plug-in, but as a movie format, it's a much more
compelling deliverable. I don't actually use it for anything, but I
imagine I will eventually.


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