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Gilles Detillieux (
Mon, 5 Jul 1999 10:45:09 -0500 (CDT)

According to Torsten Neuer:
> According to dave bernick:
> >> Now what is next? OCR for images to get to text that is placed in logos,
> >> buttons or anything like that? IMHO, Flash is good for presentation pro-
> >> gramming for exhibitions. Nothing more. If someone can convince me that
> >> Flash is supported on the majority of OS, I'd also apply Flash to Internet
> >> or (big) Intranet documents. But since the number of OS is limited and
> >> support for *nix-based OS is even more limited...
> >
> >flash is currently supported in: linux, mac, solaris and win95/98/nt. for
> >MOST webshops, that's enough, considering that rendering a non-flash
> >compatible version of a page is fairly uncomplicated.
> To be correct: Flash is now *limited* supported on linux, solaris (only
> the basic Flash-player).
> Windows support is complete. Mac seems to be complete (dunno whether
> only PPC or all types of Mac). Linux support is *extremely* limited
> as is solaris (AFAIK solaris is also available on non-Sun architectures).
> Non-Intel PC platforms are completely unsupported for Linux.
> *No* BSDI, SCO, AIX, IRIX, HP-UX, FreeBSD, etc. support at the moment
> (and I doubt there ever will be).
> This is really not enough to support Flash on the Internet, IMHO.
> And besides this leaves the ht://Dig topic, so we'd better quit this ;-)

Hey, who started it? ;-)

Not that I'm trying to choose sides or anything, but regardless of
which systems support Flash, and how widespread a standard it may be
(or become), I think Dave's original request has merit. If Flash files
contain indexable text and/or followable hrefs, and they're stored on
an Internet/intranet HTTP server, then I think it makes a lot of sense
to build an external parser to allow indexing them. That's takes us
right back to the ht://Dig topic. Dave, have a look at

for more information. There are also a few contributed external parsers
on the site, which may help you get started. I don't think
any of them currently put out "u" records for links to other URLs, but
that should be easy enough to add. As Geoff suggested, the "strings"
command may help in extracting text and/or URLs from the files.

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