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Torsten Neuer (
Mon, 5 Jul 1999 09:37:12 +0200

According to dave bernick:
>> Now what is next? OCR for images to get to text that is placed in logos,
>> buttons or anything like that? IMHO, Flash is good for presentation pro-
>> gramming for exhibitions. Nothing more. If someone can convince me that
>> Flash is supported on the majority of OS, I'd also apply Flash to Internet
>> or (big) Intranet documents. But since the number of OS is limited and
>> support for *nix-based OS is even more limited...
>flash is currently supported in: linux, mac, solaris and win95/98/nt. for
>MOST webshops, that's enough, considering that rendering a non-flash
>compatible version of a page is fairly uncomplicated.

To be correct: Flash is now *limited* supported on linux, solaris (only
the basic Flash-player).

Windows support is complete. Mac seems to be complete (dunno whether
only PPC or all types of Mac). Linux support is *extremely* limited
as is solaris (AFAIK solaris is also available on non-Sun architectures).
Non-Intel PC platforms are completely unsupported for Linux.

*No* BSDI, SCO, AIX, IRIX, HP-UX, FreeBSD, etc. support at the moment
(and I doubt there ever will be).

This is really not enough to support Flash on the Internet, IMHO.

And besides this leaves the ht://Dig topic, so we'd better quit this ;-)


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