[htdig] Calling htsearch using CGI.pm

Jeff Beard (jeffb@mcguckin.com)
Sat, 03 Jul 1999 11:57:51 -0600


I want to use a drop down menu to differentiate a keyword search of the
website from a product database. But when I use an intermediate program,
the website search is only done on the first keyword. Multiple keywords
show up in the URL but don't seem to be passed to htsearch.

Could someone explain how I can make sure that all keywords are passed and
used, please?

If you are familiar with Perl, I'm using CGI.pm and using a redirect with
the pertinent information:


Also, I prefer not to use system() or exec() (using taint checking) and I'm
not using standard CGI rather mod_perl.

I've tried substituting a "+" for any spaces in the keywords but it does
the same thing. Only a simple form calling htsearch directly gives the
expected result.

Thanks for your time.



Jeff Beard

McGuckin Hardware
303.443.1832 x2646
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