Re: [htdig] Htdig search problem

dave bernick (
Fri, 2 Jul 1999 18:56:09 -0400

> Now what is next? OCR for images to get to text that is placed in logos,
> buttons or anything like that? IMHO, Flash is good for presentation pro-
> gramming for exhibitions. Nothing more. If someone can convince me that
> Flash is supported on the majority of OS, I'd also apply Flash to Internet
> or (big) Intranet documents. But since the number of OS is limited and
> support for *nix-based OS is even more limited...

flash is currently supported in: linux, mac, solaris and win95/98/nt. for
MOST webshops, that's enough, considering that rendering a non-flash
compatible version of a page is fairly uncomplicated.
flash (and generator, used to create flash movies on the fly) is becoming
alot more popular on the internet and it would be nice if the links could be
indexed. of course, using generator on the server side, indexing is fairly
easy...but then it also requres an external database.


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