Re: [htdig] I need some reasonable settings for: search_algorithm

Gabriel Fenteany (
Thu, 01 Jul 1999 15:58:05 -0400

> Could anybody maybe point out some reasonable settings for the
> "search_algorithm:" in the htdig.conf file ?
> I am using:
> exact:1 synonyms:0.5 metaphone:0.4 soundex: 0.4 endings:0.1 substring:0.5

I think that's too high fuzziness, and metaphone and soundex must be really
tested out before using, since they can result in a lot irrelevant results.

I use: search_algorithm: exact:1 synonyms:0.2 endings:0.1 prefix:0.1

And it's really useful for our metasite, The WWW Virtual Library.

Gabriel Fenteany, Ph.D.

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