[htdig] converting WORDS spaces to pluses

Charlie Romero (charlie@jumpinternet.com)
Thu, 1 Jul 1999 09:23:52 -0500

I've got a hard coded link in a results template that uses $(WORDS) to do
other kinds of searches in other databases.

This is a sample hard coded link in a default long template:


The above example works fine if the search term is a single word. If the
search query is a string of words, where (words) are "shoe boat hat"
htseach accurately replaces the spaces w/ plus signs in the URL but in my
example above I only get spaces when the variable is expanded w/in the
header of the results template.

So the results page source looks like:

"../othersearch/search.tpl?q=shoe boat hat"

How do I convert the spaces to plus signs in this example?


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