[htdig] Need random/unique number in URL

Charlie Romero (charlie@jumpinternet.com)
Wed, 30 Jun 1999 15:43:29 -0500

I'm trying to solve a problem w/ banner ads. I'm coming up w/ my own
redirect idea rather than using PHP wrappers, etc.

It would be very helpful to pull a random (nearly) number out of htdig's CGI.

This is what I'm currently using and it's doing most of what I need

I have a hard coded HREF in header at <a

This is nearly random becuase if you're on the second page of results (w/
10/page) and your search term was "army" then ...html?id=army11. This is a
nearly random enough value for "id". What I need is for it to be more
unique, because as you move through these search results you will come back
to the second page and then get the same URL.

Q. Can anyone think of a way to get a more random/unique number as a
variable in the header.

Any ideas appreciated.

Charlie Romero
Director of Corporate Development
(703) 917-4148
                       J U M P I N T E R N E T



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