[htdig] Indexing new documents

James Punteney (jamesp@mmgco.com)
Tue, 29 Jun 1999 12:18:16 -0700

We are having problems with htdig not indexing new files. We set htdig to
start indexing in a directory (the directory doesn't have an index.html
file, so it just lists the files within it). When htdig is run with the -i
option it will index all of the files within the directory, but when we
then run htdig again (without the -i) it only indexes the pages that are
already in it's database. It is the same problem when we run htdig -a the
first time it indexes everything, but subsequent times it only gets the
pages that are already in the database.

We are using htdig 3.1.2 on FreeBSD

Thanks for the help,
--James Punteney
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