Re: [htdig] Sherlock and ht://Dig

Nathaniel Irons (
Fri, 25 Jun 1999 15:27:03 -0700

On 6/25/99 at 2:17 PM, (Darron Froese) wrote:

> I set up my sherlock.src file and have sent and received queries to my
> webserver with ht://Dig installed on it, but for whatever reason, Sherlock
> always returns "No items found."

You seem to have at least two problems, but I don't know if or how they're

First, when I try your plugin and use Sherlock to query on the text "bill",
Sherlock wants to use this URL:


If you feed that to a web browser, it'll fail with the same 500 server error
that Sherlock sees on my system.

Then I tried hitting your search engine through the interface I found on your
page. It points to what is apparently a different server, and uses different
parameters for config and format, specifically:


That search interface works, but doesn't return any of the tags you've told
Sherlock to look for, even when "dmag-long" is substituted for "builtin-long"
as you've instructed the plugin to do. When I tried substituting
"bill-sherlock" for "home" in the config parameter, I get the same 500 error
that Sherlock will generate on the server.

Not sure if the situation on ans had anything to do with the situation on cgi,
I went back to the first URL above, and replaced "bill-sherlock" with "home"
in the config parameter. It worked, but still without your required sherlock


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