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Darron Froese (
Fri, 25 Jun 1999 16:19:58 -0600

> Neither of these two postings gives quite the whole story, although the
> top one, by Philippe Riviere, is a tad more complete. You need to set up
> htsearch's templates to put out the comments that Sherlock uses to find
> the start and end of list, and the start and end of each item. Philippe
> gave an example of the item template for his setup, but the wrapper.html
> (or header.html and footer.html, or even the sherlock.html.start and
> sherlock.html.end) must put out the start and end of list tags. You must
> also set your template_map attribute in your bill-sherlock.conf file to
> use your custom template. If you've done all this correctly, and don't
> have any subtle misspellings anywhere, then I'm at a loss to explain the
> problem. I must admit I've never used Sherlock myself.


Thanks for the response. I think much the problem is the whole wrapper

I'm assuming that those "wrapper" files would go into my conf file in these

search_results_header: /opt/www/htdig/bill/bill-sherlock-header.html
search_results_footer: /opt/www/htdig/bill/bill-sherlock-footer.html

As far as the template goes, I added this line to my bill-sherlock.conf

template_map: Long long builtin-long \
               Short short builtin-short \
               Default default /opt/www/htdig/bill/sherlock.html
template_name: Default

Now when I look at the html that gets fed back to me (through my packet
capture program) I see this:

>00000EA2> <TR><TD WIDTH=190><TD WIDTH=330><TD WIDTH=120>
>00000ED2> <TR><TD BGCOLOR=EEEEEE colspan=2>
>00000EF5> <!-- ITEM -->
>00000F04> <strong><a href="">downloads</a
>00000F44> ></strong></TD>
>00000F55> <TD align=right bgcolor=EEEEEE><img src="/htdig/star_blank.gif"
>00000F95> alt=" "><img src="/htdig/star_blank.gif" alt=" "><img
>00000FCB> src="/htdig/star_blank.gif" alt=" "><img src="/htdig/star.gif"
>0000100A> alt="*">
>00001013> </TD>
>0000101A> </TR>
>00001021> <TR><TD></TD><TD colspan=2><SMALL><b><tt>... </tt></b>
>00001058> and Music by The Ramones«A9» 19??, The Ramones. All Rights
>00001090> Reserved. «A0» «A0» In order to play any of the files
>000010C0> found on this page you will need an <strong>MP3</strong>
>000010F9> player for your computer. I have included links to several
>00001134> different players for different operating systems. Please
>0000116E> note that you will need a semi-fast Pentium<b><tt> ...</tt></b>
>000011AE> - <!-- SCORE -->
>000011C0> 3%<!-- /SCORE --><!-- /ITEM --><br>
>000011E5> <DIV align=right><a href=""><fo
>00001225> nt color=333333
>00001236> face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size=-1>
>00001276> /downloads/</font></a><BR><BR></DIV>
>0000129C> </TD></TR
>000012A5> >
>000012A8> </TABLE></P>

It's now putting the <!--ITEM><!--SCORE><!--/SCORE><!--/ITEM> where it looks
like it should be (it wasn't before without that template line) - but I
still am not getting the wrapper that tells sherlock about the start and the
end. So I'm still getting "No items were found."

Anyone got some wrapper files for looking at? I'm one step closer now and I
really want it to finally work..

Thanks again.

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