Re: [htdig] Sherlock and ht://Dig

Gilles Detillieux (
Fri, 25 Jun 1999 16:42:18 -0500 (CDT)

According to Darron Froese:
> I read the info in the list archives about setting up ht://Dig to work with
> Sherlock at:

Neither of these two postings gives quite the whole story, although the
top one, by Philippe Riviere, is a tad more complete. You need to set up
htsearch's templates to put out the comments that Sherlock uses to find
the start and end of list, and the start and end of each item. Philippe
gave an example of the item template for his setup, but the wrapper.html
(or header.html and footer.html, or even the sherlock.html.start and
sherlock.html.end) must put out the start and end of list tags. You must
also set your template_map attribute in your bill-sherlock.conf file to
use your custom template. If you've done all this correctly, and don't
have any subtle misspellings anywhere, then I'm at a loss to explain the
problem. I must admit I've never used Sherlock myself.

> I set up my sherlock.src file and have sent and received queries to my
> webserver with ht://Dig installed on it, but for whatever reason, Sherlock
> always returns "No items found."
> I've watched the traffic with a packet capture utility and it's sending and
> receiving information - I can even read the items that are found (between
> the HTML) in the list, but they never show up in the Sherlock window - it
> just says "No items found."
> Has anyone ever seen this?
> I've included my sherlock.src file:
> <search
> name = ""
> action = ""
> method = get>
> <input name="config" value="bill-sherlock">
> <input name="method" value="and">
> <input name="format" value="dmag-long">
> <input name="matchesperpage" value="10">
> <input name="words" user>
> <interpret
> resultListStart="<!-- RESULT LIST START -->"
> resultListEnd="<!-- RESULT LIST END -->"
> resultItemStart="<!-- RESULT ITEM START -->"
> resultItemEnd="<!-- RESULT ITEM END -->"
> >
> </search>

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