[htdig] Sherlock and ht://Dig

Darron Froese (darron@odi.ca)
Fri, 25 Jun 1999 14:17:09 -0600

Got a couple of questions:

I read the info in the list archives about setting up ht://Dig to work with
Sherlock at:


I set up my sherlock.src file and have sent and received queries to my
webserver with ht://Dig installed on it, but for whatever reason, Sherlock
always returns "No items found."

I've watched the traffic with a packet capture utility and it's sending and
receiving information - I can even read the items that are found (between
the HTML) in the list, but they never show up in the Sherlock window - it
just says "No items found."

Has anyone ever seen this?

I've included my sherlock.src file:

name = "bill.odi.ca"
action = "http://cgi.odi.ca/cgi-bin/htsearch"
method = get>

<input name="config" value="bill-sherlock">
<input name="method" value="and">
<input name="format" value="dmag-long">
<input name="matchesperpage" value="10">
<input name="words" user>


resultListStart="<!-- RESULT LIST START -->"
resultListEnd="<!-- RESULT LIST END -->"

resultItemStart="<!-- RESULT ITEM START -->"
resultItemEnd="<!-- RESULT ITEM END -->"


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