[htdig] "Frames" problem solved

Fri, 25 Jun 1999 10:11:33 +0200


I asked the question yesterday if htdig handles frames because my
one site did not index.

The problem was not htdig but me.

Die to my server behind a firewall that does not allow http calls to
go out, I had to change the htdig program to use only local files,
and if not found, do nothing with that "link"

This caused, as expected :-)), a few snags. One is that only links
to references such as http://xyz.co.za/dir/ could be followed if the
default page is the htdig system default - being index.html in my

A HTML coder prefered to use index.htm, and that caused htdig to
fail on my particular setup.

Thanks to all who responded on my initial query.

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