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Wed, 23 Jun 1999 12:59:38 -0700

On 6/23/99 at 2:35 PM, (Geoff Hutchison) wrote:

> I take it you're trying to compile it? What seems to be the problem?

As I understand it, mostly library locations and other similarly trivial but
not immediately obvious minor changes. Also, I don't think autoconf
recognizes Mac OS X Server yet.

MOSX (like the forthcoming Mac OS X, and Apple's open-source Darwin OS) has a
BSD compatibility layer, but it's not designed to allow transparent
recompilation of BSD sources. There are a couple of projects underway to
change that, probably the most high-profile being the InfoMagic/TwinForces
collaboration, Missing Link. Their manifesto is good reading:

I work for apple, but not in engineering.


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