Re: [htdig] suggestions for new PC?

Jeff Hill (
Mon, 21 Jun 1999 21:31:31 -0400

Benjamin Smedberg wrote:
> We run our engine on a P2 350 with 256M of RAM, and an average search takes
> 0.8 seconds, but that server is not dealing with a large webserver volume at
> the same time.
> What kind of HD are you using? I would not recommend putting the search
> engine on an IDE drive. SCSI is much better. Also, make sure that the disk
> is defragged.

What size are your DB files? While admittedly we should switch to
a fast SCSI from our IDE (7200RPM) drives, it's always a question
of where to put resources. Because of the low volume of our
webserver, I don't think SCSI/IDE is the central issue.

Webserver volume isn't much of an issue either: I can shutdown
everything else except htdig and a search can still take a minute
and a half. Back when our DB directory was 200-250MB, we had
little speed problem, but now . . . . As far as defragging goes,
I never thought that was too much of an issue with Linux, but I
could be wrong. Since I installed the webserver on this new 6.5GB
drive last week, it shouldn't be much of an issue right now.

As to the earlier note about motherboards and RAM, I do indeed
have an Intel Triton chipset as Jim Serio suggested might be the
problem. Since my current 96MB RAM is old 72PIN, it appears I
should replace the motherboard, replace the DIMMs with 512MB
SDRAM, and get a couple of very fast SCSI drives (or better yet,
get a RAID SCSI board and double the number of drives). That's
about a $10K proposal. Since I don't have that much extra cash
laying around, I'm trying to be cautious about what I really


Jeff Hill

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