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Jim Serio (
Sun, 20 Jun 1999 20:24:00 -0700

>> they may have slots to allow for it. He said too much RAM on
>> these boards can actually slow the system down. I don't know if
>> the engineer was right or not.
>I know very little about the internals of Intel architecture boards.
>However, I *do* know that for most architectures, this just plain isn't
>true. And juding from the beasts that Microsoft used in their infamous
>Mindcraft benchmarks (1GB RAM for a "small business?") I don't think this
>is true for Intel boards either.
>I have yet to see a motherboard that actually slows down with more RAM.
>Maybe some OS with poor memory management might slow down...

He could be referring to the various Intel chipsets (VX, Triton, etc) that
could only cache 64 MB of RAM. Any more than that would result in a
5% performance decrease. The newer chipsets alleviated this problem allowing
for caching of 1+ GBs.


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