[htdig] Manually Add or Delete Documents from the Database ?

Michael Reutlinger (mulchi@arago.de)
Sat, 19 Jun 1999 22:51:54 +0200 (METDST)

  we are using a Document Management System (DocMe) to
  manage the Documents of our Sites.

  The Problem is, that the Site is not static. So
  there are always Files that have been deleted and
  new one that has to be indexed ...

  The deleted files always generate a error message
  reported to the administrator as a broken Link
  by htDigs Update prozess. But thats not true, cause the
  Files are not been referenced by any of the index files.

  Beside that htDig also add the static navigation files like
  index pages etc. to the database, which isn't what we would like
  to have in the database.

  We only want docuzment managed by DocMe and all the data from
  the mailinglists (managed by MHonArc) ...

  Indexing the mailinglists archives is no problem, but for
  the Document Management System we need a way to /tell/
  htDig that a New Document has to be index (in realtime ;) ) or
  that a Document is expired or has been deleted and should not
  been index by htDig anymore ...

  Is there a commandline flag to tell htdig to add one Document
  to his database or to delete one document from its database ??

  Cause then we would only make a initial run and a daily run for
  the Mailinglist Archive and the Documents could be addes in real
  time to the htDig Database.

  Thanx alot for any help to this topic :))

  Michael R. Reutlinger

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