[htdig] Pb with badword

LAGADEC André (andre.lagadec@proto.education.gouv.fr)
Fri, 18 Jun 1999 20:05:50 +0200


I use htdig 3.1.1 on a french web site and it works fine.

But I have a problem with badword.

In french "de" "un" "au" are badword, so I put it in file named
mots_exclus and I add in my htdig.conf file

bad_word_list: ${common_dir}/mots_exclus

After indexing, these words ("de" "un" "au") don't exist in the
db.wordlist. But when user search with expression like this "cheval de
troie", they have result with page containing word "de" ?

Why ?

Thanks for your help.
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