Re: [htdig] indexing?

Torsten Neuer (
Thu, 17 Jun 1999 17:51:15 +0200

According to Neville Bowers:
>A quick question:
>Is there a way to configure htdig so that it will output an HTML index
>file for use as a sitemap like webpage?

A quick answer: yes ;-)

But with some work - you'll have to set up some special keywords, pre-
ferrably use a different database, have special templates and maybe
some server-side postprocessing.

You can also use the URL list that can be generated by ht://Dig, but
that requires even some work.

Btw. there are always a couple of pages which you won't like to have
within the sitemap. So generating one on the fly is always somewhat
questionable and won't fit under all circumstances.


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