[htdig] Multiple search indexes, Multiple template pages?

Shane Y. Gibson (shane@mbari.org)
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 10:22:22 -0700

Hi all,

First...If you respond, please CC my email address, as I'm not
part of this list...

I have a setup as follows:

        index internal web server
        index external web server
        combined database of internal and external

I use a single HTDig search server. I provide a form which
allows the internal users to search either the internal database,
the external database, or the combined databases. This works
fine, except the same search server provides the interface and
DBs for the external web pages.

I'd like to be able to use template pages (footer.html and
for each of the sites, possibly keying off of the config files that
I use?

This way, I can provide a specific search interface for the internal
and external users, without splitting off the HTDig server into
2 seperate servers....

Any ideas on this?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. If there
is anything un-clear about my description, please don't hesitate to
let me know. I'm using HTDig 3.1.2 on an Sun Solaris 2.6 server.


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