Re: [htdig] Filtering/ Dealing with Microsoft Bogus CSS definitions

Torsten Neuer (
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 09:18:34 +0200

According to W.J. Sandman III:
>I'm encountering problems with what I've come to believe are Microsoft
>IE-4 only CSS definitions when I use ht://Dig on a site I'm administering.
>on this site is as follows:
><style type="text/css">
>.yllwfont {color:#FFFF33}
>..leftnav { color: white;}
>..leftbig { color: #FFFF00;}
>..pagenow { color: #F7EB82;}
>..zdcolor { color: #FFFF82;}
>..nav { color: #F7EB82;}
>A:link { color: #2222AA;}
>A:visited { color: #540C51;}
>A:active { color: #CA0000;}
>A:hover {color: #A32525;}
>the last four lines appear in the search result descriptions unless
>style.htm is moved and a empty file is substituted in it's place (*cheasy*
>cheat, but it works) durring the dig.

The last four lines are AFAIK not MS specific.

>I'm scouring the CSS info on the web and have been through the ht://Dig
>docs and haven't found a good way to deal with this Microsoft induced
>headache. Is there any filtering in ht://Dig to deal with specific code
>when added to an html page so that ht://Dig ignores it? Anyone have any
>good ideas on how to handle this?
>Please send ideas and M's to FR to the email below.

First of all you are probably using a wrong file extension for your
CSS definitions: ".htm", which will most probably cause the server
to return a MIME text/html type for this file. It should be text/css
instead, so you should rename the style definitions to style.css and
import them according to the methods specified by W3C HTML 4.0 DTD.

Second you can avoid indexing of inlined styles the same way you can
do with JavaScript sources: comment them out. CSS capable browsers
will still interpret them (at least this is the method recommended by


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