[htdig] Frames Observation: (Probably Trivial)

Albert Desimone jr (bdesimon@arches.uga.edu)
Fri, 11 Jun 1999 14:49:38 -0400 (EDT)

Hi ...

With this talk of frames, if <NOFRAMES></NOFORMES> is used like it should
be (at least the way that I understand it should be used), then a lot
(and potentially more) of the problems associated with frames go away.

If you use <NOFRAMES></NOFORMES> with SSI:

     <FRAME SRC="top.html" scrolling="no">
     <FRAME SRC="bottom.html" NAME="picked">
<!--#include virtual="/services/top.html"-->
<!--#include virtual="/services/bottom.html"-->

Not only do those few folks who use non-frames savvy browsers going to
be happier (getting the content and not a message that says something
like "Sorry, you don't have frames"), but htdig will index the page as a

Of course, the pieces will be indexed too, but that perhaps could be
worked around.


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