Re: [htdig] Returning frameset subpages

Gabriel Fenteany (
Sun, 06 Jun 1999 00:29:29 -0400

>> > Most spiders themselves are good about following up frames, though there
>> > doesn't seem to be a good solution for how to return frames in search
>> > results. For example, how do you specify a URL to the framset with one
>> > frame changed from the default?
>>I've been wondering about this. I don't know of any tools that do it right
>>now, but it's certainly possible. Is this already out there somewhere I
>>haven't noticed?
> Yes, not free, but MondoSearch does show results in framesets. I'm
> not sure of the exact details, but I think they track when they're in
> a frameset and store the results before they follow the frame links.
> When a user clicks on a result item, they route results back through
> the search server to locate the associated frames before going to the
> original server and getting the data. It's pretty intense.

If this would add any overhead to the search at all, it would be a very bad
idea. Frames have reached an "equilibrium" point of use much lower than
when they started. I have frames on one of my sites (not surprisingly, the
oldest one), and it's useful there, but I don't care that framesets are not
preserved in searches. Generally, one frame is navigational, while the
other is content which contains independent navigational elements. So, I
think the cases in which this would be crucial are limited.

To me phrase searching, XML support and more complete metadata support are
more important, but that's my opinion.

By the way, I just (finally) read the influential essay on why open source
works so well, "The Cathedral and the Bazaar" by Eric S. Raymond
Interesting reading.

Gabriel Fenteany
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