[htdig] Returning frameset subpages

Jon Jensen (jon-dce@viscom.byu.edu)
Sat, 05 Jun 1999 20:26:46 -0600

Geoff said:

> Most spiders themselves are good about following up frames, though there
> doesn't seem to be a good solution for how to return frames in search
> results. For example, how do you specify a URL to the framset with one
> frame changed from the default?

I've been wondering about this. I don't know of any tools that do it right
now, but it's certainly possible. Is this already out there somewhere I
haven't noticed? If not, I think it would be a nice feature to add to
ht://Dig to make it stand out from the rest.

htdig would have to be modified to keep track of what frame (if any) a given
page is viewed in (and of course it's possible the same page would be viewed
in different frames or none at all depending on how one got there). Then
htsearch, when displaying the page as a search result, instead of jumping
straight to it, could generate a new frameset on the fly that would have all
the frames in their proper places to recreate the view the user would have
if s/he had directly navigated to that particular page.

There could be htdig configuration options on whether to index this way or
not, for any given subsection of the site, and htsearch options on whether
to show a direct link (no frames), or various frameset links.

Any thoughts?

Jon Jensen
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