[htdig] External parsers: VRML added: Following <embed> tags?

Rzepa, Henry (h.rzepa@ic.ac.uk)
Fri, 4 Jun 1999 13:46:42 +0100

We have added VRML (1 and 2) parsing to the chemistry collection
we posted earlier.

The archive is called chemparser.tar.gz. This replaces the earlier one.

Please note that htdig only recognises such external types if invoked
using <A HREF=foo.pdb>foo</a>. However, since Netscape
plugins are available for all these types, many sites reference
these files as <embed src=foo.pdb> which htdig does not follow.

If anyone can give us some hints as to how to modify htdig to follow
<embed> as well as <a> tags, we would be most grateful!!

Dr Henry Rzepa, Dept. Chemistry, Imperial College, LONDON SW7 2AY;
mailto:rzepa@ic.ac.uk; Tel (44) 171 594 5774; Fax: (44) 171 594 5804.
URL: http://www.ch.ic.ac.uk/rzepa/
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