[htdig] Typical usage

Wendy Phillips (wphillips@answertechnology.com)
Thu, 3 Jun 1999 10:36:46 +0100

I am looking for information on typical uses of htdig. I have looked at the
'uses of htdig' on the web site, but what I'm looking for is more detailed
than that. What I'd like to collect is information on typical # of start
URLs and/or documents indexed, hop count, index time and re-index or update
frequency and any other relevant indicators. I'm also interested in the
disk space and memory required to support a large site.

I am fairly new to this and need to make recommendations for hardware and
personnel to support indexing of a large set of URLs.

Wendy Phillips
Answer Technology, Inc.
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(978) 948 - 5508 (fax)
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