Re: [htdig] Couldn't open db.wordlist

Yang Yang (
Fri, 28 May 1999 16:15:17 -0400 (EDT)

Hello, Gilles,

Thanks lot! You are right, I don't see any problem if I try to index
another website, such as But I do need to search the
website which I couldn't index so far. Our research group have an account
on our departmental website (Apache 1.3.2, SunOS), so our URL like The HTTP server is running, both
departmental website and our group website are OK. So what I should do
in order to index our group's or our departmental website? Do I need
contact our system administrator or I just need modify several lines of
code of htdig?

Best Regards,


On Fri, 28 May 1999, Gilles Detillieux wrote:
> According to Yang Yang:
> > I just compiled and installed the htdig search engine 1 hour ago, when
> > I try to use the "rundig" script to make a test database of the online
> > documentation at my URL, I got a error message, it said: htmerge: Unable
> > to open word list file '/home/etia2/htdig/db/db.wordlist'. What's wrong
> > with that? How can I solve this problem?
> That message usually occurs when htmerge is run, if the htdig run before
> it didn't index anything. The most common cause of this that the site
> you're trying to index isn't currently running an HTTP server, or you
> don't have access to it from the system on which you're running "rundig".
> Try running "rundig -vvv -s" to get more feedback on what's going wrong
> with htdig. If you get the "Unable to build connection with" message,
> try running a web browser to see if you can access the site you want to
> index that way.

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