[htdig] Getting only NEW indexed files

Raul Zambrano (raul@sdnp.undp.org)
Fri, 28 May 1999 06:33:50 -0400


We have been using ht://Dig for a while now with godd success.

We are know working on some sort of 'knowledge site' where about 8-10
facilitators (who gather information) are in charge of adding new
resources and links. Each of these persons works on a specific thematic
area and has identified at least 20 web sites that there will lie to
check on a daily basis and get from them the latets news and materials
for the 'knowledge site'.

Can we use ht://dig to tell us, more or less automatically, which items
were added to the web sites (the 20 or so) we are indexing on a daily
basis? facilitators will save a lot of time if they could just get on a
daily basis a "resource page' where they will only see the new items
that were added since yesterday to the sites we are monitoring.

Is this feasible with ht::/DIG?

Will appreciate your input. Pls note that I am not in this list so pls
reply to me directly or cc me idf you reply to the list.

TIA, Raul

Raul Zambrano
New York
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