[htdig] having a 'restrict' menu in the results page

Bill Moninger (moninger@fsl.noaa.gov)
Thu, 27 May 1999 10:39:16 -0600

Is there any way to have a menu of 'restrict' choices come up on the search
results page? I'm thinking of something similar to the menus for
$(METHOD), $(FORMAT) and $(SORT) that already appear in the header.html
template. I've constructed such a menu in the search form, but I can't see
any way to allow users to change the 'restrict' string (via a menu) for
subsequent searches.

Great search engine! I got it set up with minimal difficulty in only a few


William R. Moninger NOAA, Forecast Systems Laboratory
tel: 303-497-6435 email: moninger@fsl.noaa.gov
fax: 303-497-3329 http://www-frd.fsl.noaa.gov/~moninger/

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