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A little something for those who may need extra cash... like ME!

Netscape and AOL have recently merged to form the
largest internet company in the world. In an effort to remain at pace
with this giant, Microsoft has
introduced a new email tracking system as a way
to keep Internet Explorer as
the most popular browser on the market. This
email is a beta test of the
new software and Microsoft has generously offered
to compensate who
participate in the testing process. For each
person you send this email
to, you will be given $5. For every person they give
it to, you will be given
an additional $3. For every person they send it
to you will receive $1.
Microsoft will tally all the emails produced
under your name over a two
week period and then email you with more instructions.
This beta test is only
for Microsoft Windows users because the email
tracking device that contacts
Microsoft is embedded into the code of Windows 95
and 98.

I know you guys hate forwards. But I started
this a month ago because I was
very short on cash. A week ago I got an email
from Microsoft asking me for
my address. I gave it to them and yesterday I
got a check the mail for $800. It really works. I wanted you
to get a piece of the action. You won't regret it.

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