Re: [htdig] is it possible to limit which section of the documentis stored in the db as the head?

Joseph Cheek (
Wed, 26 May 1999 11:59:48 -0700


it appears that the problem lies in how htdig processes update digging. i
had changed the html so that the htdig_noindex tags were there and ran an
update dig, which still gave me the navbar in the results. running an
initial dig [htdig -i] now gives me correct results.

is this a bug, or by design? i would expect update digging to reindex the
pages, since they had been modified since the initial dig.

as further consequence of this update-vs-initial dig problem, i have a web
site that continually adds new pages to the site. update digs never see the
new pages. i am therefore reindexing using initial digging, which i think
may place unnecessary strain on my server [as many of the pages have not
changed, why reindex them?], especially since the db is rebuilt EVERY HOUR.
this is a usenet to html gateway, url is it can
be searched from, entering a search term searches
the kb database with a link to search the usenet database.

please help.


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From: Geoff Hutchison <>
To: Joseph Cheek <>
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Date: Sunday, May 23, 1999 10:11 PM
Subject: Re: [htdig] is it possible to limit which section of the documentis
stored in the db as the head?

>At 8:18 PM -0400 5/21/99, Joseph Cheek wrote:
>>at the beginning of each of my documents i have a navbar table with lots
>>text. when someone searches for a word in that navbar, htsearch shows the
>>text surrounding that navbar, which is out of context and looks awful.
>>already stopped it from being indexed with the <!--htdig_noindex--> tags,
>>but it still shows up as the document header in the search results.
>This sounds like it might be a bug. Would you please send me a URL?
>-Geoff Hutchison
>Williams Students Online

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