[htdig] Building an Open GRiD (Open Global Ranking Search Engine and Directory)

Maxim L. Lifantsev (maxim@cs.sunysb.edu)
Wed, 26 May 1999 00:38:11 +0000

Hello everyone,

I'd like to inform you about a very interesting project that I hope
many of you would like to participate in.

It's a project to create a consistent distributed global searching,
categorizing, and ranking Web structure, which is contributed to
and controlled collectively by all the people who create the Web pages.

The project combines and develops on the principles of the
Google search engine and the Open Directory Project.

The basic idea is a small extension of the HTML standard
that allows people to easily explicitly state categorization and ranking
opinions about any Web page and lets a search engine to collect and
aggregate these opinions and then use them for serving search requests.

What we get is a method to combine people's categorization
and ranking efforts (in the form of their mini-directories/bookmarks)
into a consistent global directory and search engine.

The consistency comes from the fact that the opinions are weighted according
to the ranks of their authors, which in turn are also determined
by such weighted opinions of all the people that have expressed them.
(That is, we have Google-like fixpoint computation of ranks but they
are computed w.r.t. categories.)
This should provide the system with a stabilizing peer-evaluation feedback.

The project is being done in the GNU style,
so everyone is more than encouraged to participate.

All the information is available at http://www.cs.sunysb.edu/~maxim/OpenGRiD/



          Maxim Lifantsev
    Computer Science Department
        SUNY at Stony Brook
         NY 11794-4400 USA
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