[htdig] Another thrilled bunch of users

Ivan Trundle (ivan.trundle@alia.org.au)
Mon, 24 May 1999 14:30:58 +1000

I'm stoked!

ht://dig is proving even more useful and powerful than I had ever
dreamed. Great work, guys.

The ease at which I can roll it out over a motley collection of sites, the
simplicity that is entailed in returning desirable and pertinent (and
accurate) results, and the quick and uncomplicated way in which I can
generate tailor-made Sherlock plug-ins (not to mentiion templates), is
testament to the fine work by the developers, and the support
provided by this list. A gem of coding.

Even those who use my sites are beginning to feel warm and fuzzy
inside, too.

Thank you. Many times over.

Ivan Trundle

p.s. the other hat that I wear is that of a graphic designer - FWIW and
IMHO, the new logos all leave a little something to be desired (too
mechanical and right-brained). The best so far - by a long margin - is
the work by Colin Viebrock. Simple, eye-catching. Though perhaps a
combination of the gears and the shovel could work. Looking forward
to the results.
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