Re: [htdig] indexing non linked documents

Gabriel Fenteany (
Sat, 22 May 1999 12:32:49 -0400

> According to Patrick Robin:
>>Is there a way to tell htdig to index all html documents
>>in a directory structure, including those who are not linked
>>to by any other page?
> At least there are 2 ways I could think of:
> 1) Include all documents (or at least the start documents) in the
> start_urls tag of the htdig fonriguration file.
> 2) ht://Dig can also index directory indices created by the web
> server, if your server creates them for the directories where
> no index document exists. That way you should get most files
> (but also those you don't want to be indexed such as modules
> which are included in server-side scripts).
> IMO the first method would be the best.
> hth,
> Torsten

For number 2, do you mean that, in Apache parlance, if "fancy indexing" is
on and the directory is included in start_urls, htdig will index files even
if they are not linked?

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