[htdig] "Hard" and "Soft" Virtual Hosts

Albert Desimone jr (bdesimon@arches.uga.edu)
Wed, 19 May 1999 16:02:58 -0400 (EDT)

First Albert DeSimone said:
> >Also, and this is the part that is a little confusing to me, I can set
> >'allow_virtual_hosts' to 'false' and the hard virtual host will still
> >be indexed. (Again, don't know about the soft variety.)

Then Geoff Hutchison said:
> To an indexer like ht://Dig, 'hard' virtual hosts are easy to deal
> with--different names, different IPs, must be different sites. It couldn't
> care less if they happen to come from the same machine. 'Soft' virtual
> hosts are a bit more difficult, but this is why there's an
> 'allow_virtual_hosts' option--it tries to deal with name-based virtual
> hosts.

Albert DeSimone also said:
> >to have had a problem with (just as a non-HTTP/1.1 savvy browser would
> >have). All the more reason that hard is better, even if more
> >difficult to set up.

And Geoff Hutchison also said:

> Unless anyone shows me server traces otherwise, ht://Dig will do just fine
> with these virtual hosts by default. It will send a 'Host:' header with
> every request, and so far I haven't heard of servers complaining at the use
> of this HTTP/1.1 header.

Now Albert DeSimone is saying:

I assume "these virtual hosts" are "soft" (name-based) virtual hosts. I'm
sure no traces would show you otherwise. What I was saying was "have had"
a problem -- speculating that there was a time when Apache (for example)
supported name-based virtual hosts and ht://Dig was not sending the
'Host:' header.

Some of my confusion was brought on by the ht://Dig documentation --
specifically the description of the 'allow_virtual_host' configuration

     If set to true, htdig will index virtual web sites as
     expected. If false, all URL host names will be
     normalized into whatever the DNS server claims the IP
     address to map to. If this option is set to
     false, there is no way to index either "soft" or "hard"
     virtual web sites.

If my understanding is correct (and my tests weren't flawed),
then there should be no reference to "hard" in the last sentence --
only "soft" sites are affected by 'allow_virtual_hosts'.

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