Re: [htdig] Opinion of Microsoft Index Server and Netscape Compass

Albert Desimone jr (
Tue, 18 May 1999 16:31:10 -0400 (EDT)

On Tue, 18 May 1999, Walter Hafner wrote:

> Biggest plus of Compass: It recognizes Server aliases and virtual
> hosts. I asked for that feature in ht://Dig about three months ago -
> nothing yet. :-) Okok - I understand, that 3 months is _nothing_ in
> software development. In the meantime I programmed a little workaround.
This is primarily for my own edification regarding virtual hosts, but
ht://Dig seems to work just fine with "hard" (IP-based) virtual
hosts at version 3.1.2. I can't speak for "soft" (name-based) virtual
hosts (don't use 'em).

Also, and this is the part that is a little confusing to me, I can set
'allow_virtual_hosts' to 'false' and the hard virtual host will still
be indexed. (Again, don't know about the soft variety.)

From the outset, I would always have expected hard virtual hosts to
work. It is the soft virtual hosts that I would assume ht://Dig
to have had a problem with (just as a non-HTTP/1.1 savvy browser would
have). All the more reason that hard is better, even if more
difficult to set up.

Anyway, I just had the occasion to look at Infoseek Ultraserver. The
cost, even with an educational discount, was a bit rich for our blood.
We might have gone for the initial cost of 24K (70% educational discount;
you .com folks do the math), but the 12K yearly upgrade/maintenance cost
was way too much.

As I spoke with the salesman, I think he was a little impressed with
what ht://Dig could do (certainly more than he expected). And I
don't have nearly the expertise that many of the folks on this list

Sure, if I could have gotten the money, and did not feel that I was
being fiscally irresponsible, I might have pushed harder for
Infoseek Ultraserver.


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