Re: [htdig] Metatage or a better database in htDig - the latter !

Torsten Neuer (
Tue, 18 May 1999 11:25:51 +0200

According to Geoff S.:
>Yes, I'm referrring to NON HTML tags, such as extending the index list in
>the database to inherently include some extra info, as opposed to anything
>embedded with the file itself (which may be a binary). The idea is that
>each file name stored by htDig would also have a 2k record associated with
>the file that the user could put user defined info into. Call me a fuddy
>duddy, but I think HTML metatags is NOT the elegant way to do this, nor is
>calling an external database via a CGI when a fairly simple extension of
>the htDig database would be a far more integrated and elegant solution.
>Keep in mind the external database (just suppose this was the path we
>adopt) would then need to be possibly resynched against htDIG, which is a
>whole new can of worms.
>C,mon - if Maggot$oft can maintain file info databases (or at least may
>one day do so, after service packs 1-237, sub-patch 823, interim release
>#6) then surely we can do something to hold revision control, author(s),
>concept tags and so on.

I regard this idea as not very portable and dependant to your specific
problem. Sure, ht://Dig can be extended to match your ideas, but then
what is it good for for other users? ht://Dig is a search engine for
hypertext oriented document archives and I somehow feel that it should
stay that way. You can still wrap around the htsearch result some of
the information you'd like to add (let an external parser do the ini-
tialization of the ht://Dig database and let a wrapper output the re-
lated information) - that does not require a change of ht://Dig itself,
any mumbo-jumbo interfaces to other databases or other fancy stuff.
Just a little work of your own.


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