Re: [htdig] Limiting searches

Torsten Neuer (
Tue, 18 May 1999 09:01:52 +0200

According to Andrew Kemp:
>We have htDig successfully indexing all of our web servers into one
>As we are very impressed with htDig, I have removed the old harvest
>engine and we are using htDig exclusively. Thanks for such a terrific
>Now, on to the reason for this email. When I first set up harvest, I was
>looking for a better search engine to replace the old legacy WAIS
>we have/had.
>However, there are approximately 12 sub WAIS indexes for specific
>of the web at Swinburne.
>Ie: Administration, TAFE, HigherEd, etc
>Is it possible to make htDig mimic this sub-index behaviour ? Would I
>add a hidden field containing a keyword to the search form that would
>the search to that sub-branch ?
>I would like to use the same database and search form for the entire
>site if

This somewhat depends upon the structure of your website: if you have
different URLs for each branch this is no problem with the use of the
"exclude" and "restrict" parameters of htsearch. However, if things
are mixed up, you will probably need to edit most pages to add some
unique keywords to them and use the "keywords" parameter of htsearch.


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