[htdig] Improving quality of AND search results

Garret W. Gengler (garretg@otable.com)
Mon, 17 May 1999 16:21:40 -0500

I'm looking for a way to improve the quality of htdig search results as follows...

If I do an "AND" search of a document htdig appears to rate documents by the total count of any of the three keywords. I'd like htdig to give the highest score to a document that contains every keyword, even if it just contains one of each... then after that, it can start using the keyword count method.

Here's an example... an AND search with the keywords "composite material skeleton"...

Document A:
"composite" occurs 1 time
"material" occurs 2 times
"skeleton" occurs 1 time

Document B:
"composite" occurs 15 times
"material" occurs 2 times
"skeleton" never occurs

Document C:
"composite" occurs 4 times
"material" occurs 5 times
"skeleton" never occurs

In this example, I'd like Document A to get the highest score, then B, then C... Currently, htdig returns rates B highest, then C, then A.

Are there any configuration directives that might help me to adjust this behavior?

-Garret Gengler
 RoundTable Media

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