Re: [htdig] Bad Pathname in htsearch output

Douglas Kline (
Fri, 14 May 1999 16:09:05 -0400

> Given that we ruled out the make include path ambiguity problem above,
> it probably doesn't matter which way you rerun make.
> > I have checked the
> > existing defaults.o with the strings command and found the lines
> >
> >
> > image_url_prefix
> >
> >
> > star_blank
> > ${image_url_prefix}/star_blank.gif
> > star_image
> > ${image_url_prefix}/star.gif
> >
> >
> > which I think are consistent with its getting the correct URL.
> Yes, that is odd, isn't it? Why was htsearch using "/htdig" as the
> image_url_prefix, when it seems to be correct in the existing object file?
> It would seem that somehow, this default.o didn't make it into your
> htsearch. Two possibilities I can think of: 1) you compiled
> after changing CONFIG, but htsearch never got re-linked, or more likely 2)
> the freshly linked htsearch, with the desired image url prefix didn't get
> installed where you wanted it, so you're still running an older htsearch.
> Check the modification times of (top_dir)/CONFIG, (top_dir)/htsearch/htsearch
> and the htsearch in your cgi-bin (the one your search form runs).

I have run make in the htcommon sub-directory on a SunOS 5.5.1 computer. The
defaults.o file that resulted is identical to the one previously used in
compilation. The libcommon.a file differs but that probably reflects the date
which is included in a randomized archive.

I then ran make install which properly installed htsearch in cgi-bin. I then
tested it by running it with a htdig.conf file which didn't have the
definitions of star_blank and star_image and it now works. So the install
didn't complete before. I have restored those definitions to the htconf file
since, as you have pointed out, they could prove useful in the future.

Thanks for all your help.

Douglas Kline

Douglas Kline

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