[htdig] Upgrade Path

Albert Desimone jr (bdesimon@arches.uga.edu)
Fri, 14 May 1999 14:34:31 -0400 (EDT)

On Fri, 14 May 1999, Geoff Hutchison wrote:

> I'm not exactly sure what you mean. My upgrade path consisted of indexing
> new databases with 3.1.x while the old databases were still around. Then I
> move in the new databases and the new CGI. There was a short time when the
> CGI was broken (when the old CGI and the new databases were present), but
> it was all of 10 minutes.

Sure. Indexing and moving is straightforward enough. But I compile a
new version of ht://Dig on the same machine as the current production
version (which, for all I know, you are also doing). This requires
that I have different root directory trees.

Anyway, I have two complete copies, binaries and all. To be specific:

/usr/www/ss <-- root directory tree for current production
                  DEST= /usr/www/ss/htdig

/usr/www/ssd <-- root directory tree for development
                  prefix= /usr/www/ssd/htdig
                  DEST= $(prefix)
My Apache server is configured to run cgi out of each:

ScriptAlias /ss-bin/ /usr/www/ss/bin/
ScriptAlias /ssd-bin/ /usr/www/ssd/bin/

where the production and development versions of htsearch reside. The
'common' and 'conf' files of 'current production' are copied to
'development' so I can get things just like I want them (for example,
I had to add 'pdf_parser:' to htdig.conf).

So, now I have things pretty much like I want them.

But I can't just move the files from 'ssd' to 'ss', can I? I mean, take
htsearch, for example. The new htsearch will look for its configuration
files in the development area, and I don't want to rely upon the
development area for anything production.

Another binary-compatible machine would certainly work (the only way I can
think of to have the same root directory tree). Then I could move all
files from one machine to the other.


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