Re: [htdig] ok, ok I mean non textual data mining !!

Torsten Neuer (
Fri, 14 May 1999 13:21:51 +0200

According to Geoff S.:
>What I'm talking about is being able to assocaite arbitrary data about a
>particular file (like a subject, author, certain keywords (ie that DO NOT
>appear in the text). This may include files that have no text at all,
>like vector and raster stuff, or maybe hex files (well, I mean no human
>meaningful data). This would allow people to find say a particular TIFF
>file by concept (eg. "Picture of circuit diagram") where there is noting
>else to provide meaning ful tags, and where tags cannot be embedded such
>as inline metatags etc.
>This obviously requires changes in the database as to what is associated
>with a particular file.

It seems to require restructuring of the web-site that provides this
information, i.e. those images should be wrapped up in small HTML documents
which explain them. Those can be generated automatically by CGI scripts or
server-side applications. This will also allow for a more comformtable
navigation on this site and furthermore you can hyperlink related documents
which would not be possible otherwise.

Since the stuff obviously is provided by a database back-end, this should
cause no trouble.

just my 2cc,

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