[htdig] ok, ok I mean non textual data mining !!

Geoff S. (geoff@quanta.paypc.com)
Fri, 14 May 1999 20:01:27 +1000 (EST)


What I'm talking about is being able to assocaite arbitrary data about a
particular file (like a subject, author, certain keywords (ie that DO NOT
appear in the text). This may include files that have no text at all,
like vector and raster stuff, or maybe hex files (well, I mean no human
meaningful data). This would allow people to find say a particular TIFF
file by concept (eg. "Picture of circuit diagram") where there is noting
else to provide meaning ful tags, and where tags cannot be embedded such
as inline metatags etc.

This obviously requires changes in the database as to what is associated
with a particular file.

That is what I am on about and looking for collaberators so that HTDig can
cover the whole field of all files on given system for data mining, not
just those that lend themdselves to text indexing and retrieval by the

Cheers, geoff

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